Fat Ass

Since I left corporate america I have put some insulation on.
Some say I look healthy but I think I might have over shot the “Look Heathier” and fell into Fat Ass. Last few days with the odd events that landed me in warm weather I have been running almost every day. Some days only 2 miles and others enough to make my muscles sore.

How you do anything is how you do everything… some ass said once.
So I will use today as a Goals refresher and review. Note I say I don’t have new year resolutions but rather birthday to birthday goals. I use January 1st to my Birthday (I’m a Taurus) as a testing grounds to try on some new goals.

So here they are…
Limit your gad damn to do list
As of the writing of this I have 874 items on my to do list.
Note it was over 920 a few days ago before I did a purge on the plane.
Is that OCD?
I have used the excuse that I do not store items in my head to allow for space but damn that is ridiculous.

Since January 1st this goal has been a mixed bag. I do not think it needs to be a goal but rather something in my week in review to purge such things. I have a bad memory for things and I can be prone to restless nights. And I feel this behavior helps keep those in check.

Fitness (50k and Birthday Run)
I use to do some wicked crazy stuff. I still do but they are less physical fitness related. I want that to change this year.
(Period End of Story This one stays)

Meditation (once a day)
I can be prone to bi-polar behavior. While have shaped my mind to ride the highs more then the lows occasionally I turn like Jekyll and Hyde.
(Period End of Story This one stays)

Help others
I have been doing this one and it is a double edge sword.
This birthday to birthday is going to be selfish.

While working all around the world I was in the best shape of my life.
Since I was by myself I did what ever the hell I wanted and had the freedom of eating my crazy ass diet. Be it vegetarian or raw or only fruit. Now back in society that is not so easy. Or that is the vocabulary that I have been using. I’m good at being a pain in the ass and the pain is coming back.
(Period End of Story This one stays)

Camera projects (YouTube)
This goal is going strong. This year will definitely doing one big project. And depending how it all works out might do another before the year is up.

I have not physically read anything so far in the test period.
I have listened to a lot of audio books but I have not read a book this year with my eye balls.

Conquer A Fear
I would still like to do this one. My goal is to conquer my fear of drowning by getting my SCUBA certificate. Need to figure out when the water will be the warmest for that will require the least in the way of wet suit gear.

Fasting (quarterly)
Did a 4 day water fast and the world didn’t end.
This is a goal I want to try for a year

Talk on the Phone
all someone on the phone at least once a week, and speak to him or her for at least ten minutes.

So “no” more
I volunteer for too much. So that is the reason for this one. I like to be a man of my word. So if I say yest to someone I try to stick to it as much as possible no matter what… but this can be to the negative of my own goals.

Unplug day (weekly)
This one has been unsuccessful.
Think I’ll change this to be quarterly and be a few days like 5 or 7 days.

Say less
I have not been doing great on this one. But I think a weekend or week in silence would be a hugely beneficial challenge.

Wake up on time
Funny not having a paid job how the urgency of getting up on time is not there. And the lizard part of my brain comes up with some great reasoning why not to get up on time.

Checking email once a day
I’ve been unsuccessfully with this one but see the value in using that time to get shit done or being creative. Maybe once a day could be twice a day instead.

Morning & evening routines
I’ve been unsuccessful with this one but i see the value in this one.
i just need to stick to my guns more and make it happen.

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